Marriage Success Test

Take our test below to see how successful your marriage might be.
Award yourself one point for each question you answer "no" to.

1) Would you say that you and your fiance are religious, that you follow the doctrines in the bible, kuran, or talmud?

2) Would you consider yourselves wishing a simple lifestyle and not materialistic?

3) Do you or your spouse come from an ancestry of strong customs and traditions?

4) Is she within 9 years of your age either way?

5) Are you over 25 years old?

6) Are both of you entering the marriage child free?

7) Are both you and your fiance's parents still together and never divorced?

8) Is this your and your fiance's first marriage?

9) Is she/he a financially responsible person? Do they save money and pay off their cards in a timely fashion?

Now give yourself one point for each question you answer with a "yes".

10) Does she laugh at comics trashing men?

11) Does she look down at traditional female tasks?

12) Does she/he withold sex as a weapon when you two have had an argument?

13) Has she/he been extravagant in her ideals of what the wedding and honeymoon should be like?

14) Does she/he have to prove they're right when you argue?

15) Is she/he self centered?

The more points you have, the more probable you will have an unhappy marriage. There is a strong correlation between the number of points and the higher the probability of divorce and or a sexless marriage.